Orestes Panther

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Orestes Panther
Native name Orestes Panther
Born October 11, 1980 (51 years old)
Venceia, Caphiria
Residence Celeia, Carnuntum, Caphiria
Nationality Caphiravian
Citizenship Caphiravian
Alma mater Fortuna Institute
  • Politician
  • Investor
  • Businessman
Salary ₳900,000 (2014 estimate)
Net worth Increase ₳4,000,000,000 (2014 estimate)
Political party Kiro-Hekuvian Party
Religion Imperial Catholicism
Parents Nazzaro Panther, Ileana Panther
Relatives Panther Noble House

Orestes Panther is a Caphirian politician and veteran of the Imperial Legion. He has served as Praetor of the Provinces of Vedria and Maroliova for three simultaneous consecutive terms from 2010 to 2020. He is currently serving as Director of the Ministry of Intelligence and has previously been an advisor to the Prime Minister of Defense. He is the great-uncle of Imperator Constantinus I , making him a member of the House of Panther. Orestes is within the direct line of succession but has constantly distanced himself from the imperial throne despite an overwhelming amount of support from politicians and the public alike.

Orestes is a former senior field operations agent within Task Force VII, an elite, secretive espionage and covert operations unit within The Legion. Task Force VII had several roles that included hostage rescue, special reconnaissance, direct action, personal security, and other specialized missions. In this position, Orestes would go onto have tremendous success due to his involvement in the initial arrest and capture of Semias Sephiran, one of Caphiria's most famous narco-terrorists.

Riding the unilateral praise from his military career, Orestes retired from active duty and seamlessly transitioned into a career in politics. He was widely lauded for his focus on veteran affairs and hands-on approach of cracking down on the production, smuggling and distribution of illegal narcotics coming into the Imperium. This propelled his popularity with the public into a frenzy and allowed him to run and win the election for Praetor of Vedria in 2010 and another election for the Praetorship of Maroliova in 2015, becoming the first person in modern history to win and serve simultaneous terms of multiple provinces.

During his tenure as Praetor, Orestes crossed paths with Irasur Valyrian who at the time had just retired from active duty with the Imperial Legion. They would become good friends over the next decade and Orestes would play an instrumental role in assisting Valyrian enter the political world. The two politicians would also go on to create the Kiro-Caphirian political party and play pivotal roles in the growth of Kiro-Caphiranism.

After the coronation of Alexander Constantinus, Orestes was appointed Director of the Ministry of Intelligence and has since faded from the political spotlight though he still maintains public appearances. More recently, he has shifted focus to the private sector and has been investing heavily into startups and getting more involved in the business world.