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Province of Tromarine
Province of Urcea
Flag of the Province of Tromarine
Seal of the Province of Tromarine
Map of Urcea with Tromarine highlighted
Map of Urcea with Tromarine highlighted
CountryUrceaRepublic.png Urcea
Cathedral CityAtina
 • Total24,492,192

Tromarine is a province of Urcea in the Sea of Canete. Tromarine, like most of Crotona, enjoyed a long history of being made up primarily of independent mercantile city states, dating back to its initial settlement by the Adonerii; it was likely the first place settled by Latinic people outside of Urlazio. The island first underwent intervention from Urcea in the 1250s, though the Kingdom established merely a ring of protectorate cities and could not establish direct control. Following the Saint's War, successive Apostolic Kings of Urcea took interest in the island, expanding the Kingdom's influence. Most of its protectorates slipped away during the long Great Confessional War. Subsequently, direct Urcean envelopment of the island began in 1670 and would be completed in 1676 under the reigns of King Riordan VI and King Patrick I. Upon its conquest, the island was incorporated into the Kingdom of Crotona before it was organized as a province just prior to the Red Interregnum in the late 19th century.



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