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For the principality, see Halfway (Principality)
Province of Halfway
Province of Urcea
Flag of the Province of Halfway
Map of Urcea with Halfway highlighted
Map of Urcea with Halfway highlighted
CountryUrceaRepublic.png Urcea
Cathedral CityKoureiros
 • Total10,582,573

Halfway is a province of Urcea in the Sea of Canete. Initially settled as part of the Istroyan civilization, Halfway long sat at the crossroads of Latinic, Istroyan, and Audonian civilizations before its conquest during the Crusades and establishment of the Principality of Halfway, which imparted on the island a definitive Levantine identity. In 1474, the Principality was inherited by the Apostolic King of Urcea, though it remained a separately governed entity until it was incorporated into the crownland of the Kingdom of Crotona in 1660. Reorganized as a province in the late 19th century, the island's population strongly associates itself with the Urcean identity, partly due to the nearly 500 years of association between Urcea and the island and partly due to the resettlement of Urcean mainlanders to the island.



Cities and towns


Halfway's economy is primarily reliant on tourism given its tropical location, safe environment, and built-up infrastructure. The island's pink sands are considered to be iconic and a major tourist draw; many huge resorts dot the nation's shoreline. The economy is also dependent on the Armed Forces of the Apostolic Kingdom of Urcea, whose major presence on the island since the Occidental Cold War has been enhanced. The demilitarization of Dorhaven in the wake of the Assumption Accords has lead to an increased military presence on the island, strengthening the local economy. Urcea's major Royal Navy base for the east Sarpedon theater is located on Halfway, where it has been since 1905.

Besides tourist and military sources, a major cornerstone of Halfway's economy is the presence of the Royal Orbital Service and Space Command (ROSSC), Urcea's space program. The ROSSC's primary spaceport is on Halfway, whose advantageous near-equator location allows for easy orbital launches. Consequently, the technology sector is very well developed on the island as many engineers and engineering firms have relocated to the island since the ROSSC's establishment in 1952. The ROSSC's service to other Levantine nations, such as Burgundie, has only served to further develop the island's economy and reliance on the technology sector, and the Government of Urcea has taken special care to use some of the fees assessed for ROSSC services for use in development of the island.