Krasoa Islands

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Colony of the Krasoa Islands
Axerka Ionya Krasoa

Country Kiravian Federacy
Capital Rack City
Population 17,572,000
Chief Executive Nick Foles
Chancellor Torrey Smith
Legislature State Cambrium
Cambrium seats 3
Official languages Welsh
Recognised languages Piney
Postal Abbreviation KRS
Time Zone Hammer Time

The Krasoa Islands are a colony and overseas state of the Kiravian Federacy comprising the southern half of the Avicii Archipelago, between Ugarit Bay and the Kindreds Sea off the coast of continental Ixnay.

Society and Culture

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Ethnocultural Breakdown of Krasoa

  Coscivians (78.6%)
  Celts (2.4%)
  ____________ (10.4%)
  Ailmao-Aymang (3.2%)
  Sidonese and Corummese (3.2%)
  Other (4.2%)

The majority of Krasoans are Coscivians. The largest Coscivian ethnic groups in the colony are Austral Coscivians from the Sydona Islands, Coscivians who reported their ethnicity as simply "Krasoan", Kandem Coscivians from the Midlands region of Great Kirav, Dasyem Coscivians, Northeast Antaric Coscivians, Ærem Coscivians, Kyrnem Coscivians, and Triśkem Coscivians. There are also significant communities of Krinstem Coscivians, Rumeli Coscivians, Insdem Coscivians, Lusem Coscivians, Dovarlem Coscivians, and Tínorem Coscivians.

Due to the archipelago's proximity to _______ and the Federacy's preferential migration policies, there has been an _______ minority permanently present on the islands almost from the outset of Coscivian civilisation, but the presence of ________ merchants and sailors on the islands almost certainly dates back far earlier.

Sidonese and Corummese have long inhabited Krasoa's key ports for trade purposes, and

Points of Interest