Visa requirements around the world

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Country Free movement Passport not required/ID card travel Visa not required Electronic authorization or eVisa required Visa on arrival Visa required Special arrangements required
 Alstin Burgundie Oyashima Template:Country data Ulaga Anglei Arcerion Burgundie the Cape Caphiria Cartadania Ceylonia Corumm Template:Country data Ehemo Eldmora-Regulus Fiannria Template:Country data Kartejya Kiravia Metzetta Oyashima Paulastra Pelaxia Porlos Template:Country data Riena Levsa Stenza Yonderre Urcea Zaclaria Carna Faneria Loa Republic Varshan
Burgundian and Oyashimese citizens and nationals residing in Iles Evangeline and Shimaima may travel freely in Sotsial, but must provide Passport/ID if arriving from another country or territory outside the Shauku Archipelago.
(to be expanded upon)
 the Cape Etzil Alstin Brumalea Burgundie Carna Cartadania Caergwynn Faneria Kiravia Prevalia Pelaxia Yonderre Arcerion Allaria Corcra Talionia Eldmora-Regulus Fiannria Hollona and Diorisia Kronenia Loreseia Lutsana Orclenia Stenza Urcea Verecundia Vinesia Vorenia Yytuskia-Helvana Anglei Caphiria Ceylonia Template:Country data Galicia Paulastra Loa Republic Corumm Housatonic New Harren Pachaug Shenendehowa Bay Unnuaq Mission State Algoquona Bussdaberria Varshan
Citizens of Etzil are allowed free entry with Etzilian ID cards when crossing via the Atl I-Kalma Fixed Link.
 Cartadania Pelaxia Caphiria Etzil Burgundie the Cape Ceylonia Faneria Fiannria Template:Country data Galicia Urcea Vithinja Arcerion Kiravia Loa Republic Metzetta Corumm
(to be expanded upon)
 Corumm Corumm Burgundie Carna Caergwynn Faneria Brumalea Kiravia Prevalia Urcea Vithinja Eldmora-Regulus Etzil Alstin Arcerion the Cape Fiannria Stenza Yytuskia-Helvana Caphiria Cartadania Template:Country data Galicia Pelaxia Bussdaberria Loa Republic Varshan
Corumm has no interest in the affairs of the barbarians.
 Faneria Brumalea the Cape Fiannria Yonderre Prevalia Kiravia Maloka Ashkenang Urcea Burgundie Caphiria Hollona and Diorisia Anglei Kronenia Vinesia Lutsana Corcra Loreseia Vorenia OrcleniaVerecundia Cartadania Pelaxia Paulastra Allaria Shenendehowa Bay Bussdaberria Loa Republic Varshan Unnuaq Mission State Algoquona Ceylonia Template:Country data Galicia Housatonic New Harren Pachaug Corumm Alstin Arcerion Talionia Eldmora-Regulus Etzil Vithinja Caergwynn Carna
 Fiannria UrceaBurgundieYonderreHollona and DiorisiaAngleiKroneniaVinesiaLutsanaCorcraLoreseiaVoreniaOrcleniaVerecundia KiraviaFaneriaCartadania CaergwynnVithinjaBrumaleaCaphiria Corumm
 Metzetta Metzetta Aciria N/A AngleiCartadaniaUrceaYonderreKiraviaHollona and DiorisiaKroneniaVinesiaLutsanaCorcraLoreseiaVoreniaOrcleniaVerecundiaFaneriaPelaxiaArcerion BurgundieVithinjaCaphiriathe CapeLoa Republic
Metzetta does not issue or accept electronic visas.
 Vithinja Burgundie Caergwynn Caphiria Carna Cartadania Kiravia Pelaxia Urcea FaneriaAlgoquona Corumm Yonderre
Nations that require special arrangements may have travel restrictions. The Department of State provides additional information. (to be expanded upon)