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This article lists all known companies organized by their Industrial Category.


This list includes all companies associated with agricultural practice, such as ranching of animals and farming of crops.

Name Nation Industry Type
Greater Itheachan Institute for the Biological Sciences Faneria Biological Engineering Public
Cheasan Kompanai Faneria Fruit/Tropical Crops and Vegetables Public
General Agronomics ÁLO Kiravia Agricultural Biotechnology Public
Glangevlin Agricultural Incorporated Faneria Grains Public
Ruthlandt Co-op Faneria Cattle & Dairy Public
Kiravian Dairy Board Kiravia Dairy Products Distribution Coöperative
Trans-Strait Citrus LLC Burgundie Citrus products/Tropical fruits/Natural Rubber Private
Café Gral Cartadania Coffee Public
Café Planalto Cartadania Coffee Public
United Kelp Kiravia Aquaculture Coöperative
Valença Cartadania Coffee, Citrus/Tropical fruits, Cocoa Public
Opium National Industrial Syndicate Corumm Opium State-owned
Chiquito Fruit Group Corumm Fruits Private
Ganlan United Corumm Olives, Olive derivatives Private
Corumm Liquor Corporation Corumm Distilled spirits State-owned
Hunting Oats Incorporated Alstin Grains & Produce Public
Ericson Farms Alstin Dairy, Grains & Cattle Public
Hobbs Brothers Coffee Alstin Coffee Public
Heferau-Jung-Brauerei VEB Hendalarsk Alcoholic beverages State-owned
Nagy István Vandarhalászatok Nyrt. Hendalarsk (Pentapolis) Fishery Private
Upriver Brewing Company Urcea Beer Private

Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation

This list includes all companies associated with the arts, entertainment, and recreational industry. Companies include bands, sports teams, cultural sites, theme parks, casinos, golf courses, skiing facilities, marinas, performing arts companies, and more.

Name Nation Industry Type
Arcanum Parks and Entertainment Cartadania Theme park attractions, rides, and games Public
Williamson Institution Alstin National Collection Management, Museum Management, Historical Site Preservation and Management Language Studies and Preservation State-owned/Private
Emerson Entertainment Group Alstin Music streaming, Record label, Presentation and festivals, Film and Television Public/Subsidiary
Driftwood Studios Alstin Film and Television Public
Hydra Studio and Development Faneria Video Games Public
Floodgates Historic Gaming Faneria Historical Wargames and Grand Strategies Public
Futuron Corporation Kiravia Slot machines (historical), Pinball machines, Arcade games, Print publishing, Video games, Film and television, Merchandising Public
Vísomer Cable ÁLO Kiravia Film and television, Record label, Web content Public

Consumer Electronics

This list includes all companies associated with design, production, and distribution of consumer electronics.

Name Nation Industry Type
Chrysos S.A. Cartadania Consumer electronics, Computer hardware and software, Corporate venture capital, Digital distribution, Fabless silicon design, Semiconductors Public
Helios Electronics S.A. Cartadania Consumer electronics, home appliances, semiconductors Public
Nexus S.A. Cartadania Consumer electronics, home appliances, Computer hardware and software, Corporate venture capital, Digital distribution, Fabless silicon design, Semiconductors Public
Emerson Corporation Alstin Consumer electronics, Computer hardware and software, Corporate venture capital, Digital distribution, Fabless silicon design, Semiconductors Public
Tyson Electronics Alstin Consumer electronics, Computer hardware and software, Corporate venture capital, Digital distribution, Fabless silicon design, Semiconductors Public
Zorin Industries Alstin Consumer electronics, Computer hardware and software, Corporate venture capital, Digital distribution, Fabless silicon design, Semiconductors Public
Mobyx Pelaxia Consumer electronics, smartphones, smart TVs, tablets, computers, laptops. Private
Emma Pelaxia Consumer electronics, technology consultant, Laptop, mobile networks, smartphones, laptops, tablets, apps, Computer hardware and software. Public
Ranelagh General Technologies Faneria Consumer electronics, appliances, office computers, electronics components Public
O'Sean Visionware Faneria Computer hardware, electronics components, software. Private
Monaghan Microelectronics Faneria Electronics Components and business electronics and software Private


This list includes all companies associated with financial practice, including banks, insurance companies, hedge funds, holding companies, and financial advice firms.

Name Nation Industry Type
Caelen Eilean Financial Services Burgundie Investing, Banking and Insurance Public
O'Shea International Services Burgundie Foreign Investing Public
Palacin Holdings Burgundie Investing, Lending, Real Estate Public
Roth Insurance LLC Burgundie Insurance Public
Alterion Group Kiravia Investment Banking Public
Bank of Valēka Kiravia Banking Public
Ecuniversa International Kiravia Property Insurance Public
Vertigon Group Kiravia Holding Company Private
Bank of Kintyre Kiravia Investment Banking State-owned
Conglomo Corumm Banking, Insurance Private
Azure Bank Cartadania Banking, Financial holding Public
Bank of Cartadania Corporation Cartadania Banking, Financial holding Public
Genesis and Company Cartadania Banking, Financial holding Public
Paragon Group Cartadania Banking, Financial holding Public
Veritas Bank Cartadania Banking, Financial Holding Public
Bank of Alstin Alstin Banking and Investing State-owned
Riverton Bank Alstin Banking, Investing, Insurance, Financial Holding Public


This list includes all companies associated with manufacturing, including automotive, defense contracting, construction, and steel working.

Name Nation Industry Type
Germais Time  Burgundie Watchmaker Private
Cross Trucking Company  Burgundie Automotive Private
TerreRaubeuer Motor Car Company  Burgundie Automotive Private
Doppel Gangway  Burgundie Shipwright Private
Lansing Lines  Burgundie Shipwright Private
O’Shea Container Shipping  Burgundie Shipwright Private
O'Shea Heavy Industrial Systems  Burgundie Industrial Manufacturing Private
O'Shea Infrastructure and Design  Burgundie Construction Private
Lansing-Mitchell Weaponeering  Burgundie Small Arms Manufacturing Public, State-owned
Estia-Odoneru Gypsum, Salt, and Aggregate  Burgundie Construction Materials Manufacturing Private
Avibonne Aeronautical  Burgundie Aircraft manufacturing Private
Adus Motor Company Cartadania Automobile Manufacturing Public
Angelico Cartadania Aerospace, defense, shipbuilding, Government services Public
Allocca Cartadania Aerospace, defense Subsidiary
Aurora Cartadania Aerospace, defense Subsidiary
Auto Grupo Ventresca S.A. (AGV) Cartadania Automobile Manufacturing Public
Mascioli Motorsport S.A. Cartadania Motorcycle manufacturing Public
Murena Defense S.A. Cartadania Aerospace, defense Public
Rhea Automobili Cartadania Automobile Manufacturing Public
Soleil Cartadania Automobile Manufacturing Public
Valorica Marine Cartadania Aerospace, defense, shipbuilding, Government services Public subsidiary
Xira Defense Systems S.A. Cartadania Military supplies/Aerospace manufacturing Public
Daguo Industries Corumm Industrial Manufacturing Private
Zeno-Bolbali Corumm Steel Production Private
Samarco Corumm Arms Manufacturing Private
Sethsport Shipyards United Faneria Shipwright State-Owned
Luthair National Munitions Faneria Military Supplies Manufacturing Public
Kurikila Arms Faneria Small Arms Manufacturing Public
Ladvner Construction Faneria Construction Public
Madrat Motor Design Faneria Automotive Private
Lyukquara General Manufacturing Faneria Machines and Machine Parts Public
Svaerd Industries Faneria Civilian Shipbuilding and Shipbreaking Private
Ginearált Dealbhadh Coimpiutair Faneria Electronics State-owned
Teilgcheárta de Làmhachas Nàiseanta Fhainn Faneria Munitions, Small Arms, Artillery, Weapons Systems State-owned
Teilgcheárta de Armachd Nàiseanta Fhainn Faneria Automotives, Armored vehicles State-owned
Ginearált Lionsag Faneria Optics, Cameras, RADAR systems State-owned
Ginearált Aeirbreach (General Airworks) Faneria Aeronautics State-owned
Faena Chemical-Electric Faneria Chemical Production, Batteries Private
Werthwr Stàilinobaer Faneria Metalworking Private
Vrixtur Æronautic SAK Kiravia Aerospace Public
Targēvran Corporation Kiravia Manufacturing Public
Iribisun Industries Kiravia Manufacturing Public
House of Elan Burgundie Fashion design Private
Amazon Motors Caphiria Automobile Manufacturing Private
Armenwerke Fiannria Arms Manufacturing Private
Coast Manufacturing Paulastra Manufacturing Private
General industrials Veltorina Manufacturing Public
Quicksilver Industries Caphiria Manufacturing Public
Shockwave Industrial Caphiria Arms Manufacturing Private
Aullen Field Works Urcea Munitions and military vehicle manufacturing Public
Clungair Motor-Munitions Urcea Automobile and military vehicle manufacturing Public
Fino Family Arms Urcea Small arms manufacturing Private
GlenGun Manufacturing Urcea Munitions manufacturing Public
Hermès Auto Urcea Automobile manufacturing Public
PYC Limited Urcea Shipwright Public
Royal Hunting and Munitions Company Urcea Small arms manufacturing Private
Royal Sealift Company Urcea Shipwright Public
Saddlebred Pelaxia Automobile Manufacturing Public
Leopardo Pelaxia Automobile Manufacturing Public
Genêt Pelaxia Automobile Manufacturing Private
Fisón Pelaxia Automobile Manufacturing, Defense Manufacturing Private
Sistemas Nacionales de Defensa Pelaxia Defense Manufacturing Public/State-owned
Fabricaciones Militares Pelaxia Small Arms Manufacturing, Ammunition Manufacturing. State-owned
Industrias Vesper Pelaxia Aeronautic Manufacturing, Defense Manufacturing. Public, State Owned
Godard Bonheur Pelaxia Small Arms Manufacturing. Private
Fénix Pelaxia Clothing, Sportswear. Private
Zaqguero Pelaxia Clothing, Sportswear. Private
Nexlora Pelaxia Defence, Shipwright, Engineering. Public, State-Owned
Kuntzbann Syntheseöle GmbH Hendalarsk (Pentapolis) Synthetic hydrocarbons Private
Vereinigte Hendalarskröne Stahlwerke (VHS) VEB Hendalarsk Metalworking State-owned
Zalgisbeckrö Trockendock "Julia Deferire" VEB Hendalarsk Shipwrights (principally repairs and maintenance) State-owned
Groß-Maximilianshafen Wehrmarinelösungen VEB Hendalarsk Shipwrights (military) State-owned
Müller-Heppen GmbH Hendalarsk (Pentapolis) Shipwrights Private
Márványfalak Léghajógyártás "II. Miksa Gusztáv" ÁV Hendalarsk Airship manufacture and maintenance State-owned
Rigel Gunworks Alstin Weapons manufacturing Private
Arnold Aviation Alstin Aircraft manufacturing, Weapons manufacturing Public
Taurus Motor Company Alstin Automotive and weapons manufacturing Public
Stone Island Armories Alstin Weapons manufacturing Private
Frey Manufactuirng Company Alstin Robotics and Weapons manufacturing Private
Hinton Arsenal Alstin Weapons and munitions manufacturing State-owned
Cuzco Vehicles United Alstin Automotive manufacturing Public
Python Motorworks Alstin Automotive manufacturing Private
Harris-LeMay Corporation Alstin Aircraft manufacturing, weapons manufacturing Private
Corsair Dockyards Alstin Ship and weapons manufacturing Private
Jefferson Shipyards Alstin Ship and weapons manufacturing Private
Stelline Robotics Alstin Robotics manufacturing Private
Talos Corporation Alstin Robotics manufacturing Private


This list includes all companies associated with print, video, audio, or digital media production and broadcast/distribution.

Name Nation Industry Type
Aurora Broadcast Group Cartadania News Media Public
Teindùn Gach-latha Faneria News Media State-owned
Corummese News Network Corumm News Media Public, State-owned
Der Sturm Ormata News Media Public, State-owned
Edos News Caphiria News Media Public
Agencia de Comunicación Nacional Pelaxia News Media Public, State-owned
RMC Pelaxia News Media Public
El Heraldo Pelaxia News Media Public
Prisma Pelaxia News Media Public
Grand Republic News Network Fiannria News Media Public, State-owned
Imperial News Network Caphiria News Media Public, State-owned
Kiravia Today Kiravia News Media Public
Levantia Times Union Burgundie and Urcea News Media Public
Pan-Punth Free Press Alshar News Media Public
Paulastran Global Broadcasting Network Paulastra News Media Public
Publixão Cartadania News Media Public
Sports Illuminated Urcea Sports Print/Digital Media Public
Yytuskian Inquiry Yytuskia News Media Public, State-owned
Fholks Däglige (Peoples Daily) Vithinja News Media State-Owned
Händskaren (The Glover) Vithinja News Media State-owned
Vikpappret (Fjord paper/Foled paper) Vithinja News Media Public
Hendalarskara Staatliche Sendeanstalt (HSS) VEB Hendalarsk News media, film and television State-owned
Eilmeldung Medien GmbH Hendalarsk (Pentapolis) News media, film and television Private
ABS Corporation Alstin News Media, film, radio, music, and television Public
TannerMedia, LLC Alstin News Media, film, radio, music, and television Public
Alstin Daily Times Alstin News Media Public
NPB Corporation Alstin News Media, radio, music, and television Public, Non-profit

Mineral Extraction

This list includes all companies associated with mineral extraction, including oil & gas, coal, uranium, and stone.

Name Nation Industry Type
Baiereal Petrochemical Burgundie Oil & Gas Public
Shalerod Mining Burgundie Coal Private
ÁLO Dókáreum Kiravia Oil & Gas Public
Kûperspar SAK Kiravia Rare Earth Metals Public
Gansun Energy Faneria Coal, Geothermal Power Public
Solafioden Faneria Coal, Renewable Energy Private
Inner Basin Exotics and Extraction Faneria Rare Metals Public
Agroleum Comitat Faneria Oil & Gas Private
Ginearált Logadh Faneria Logging State-Owned
Miller and Cripps Timber Faneria Logging Private
Ginearált Breosla Faneria Oil & Gas, Nuclear State-Owned
Markus Macromining Faneria Base Metals and Minerals Public
Cebhin Allied Extraction Faneria Base Metals and Minerals Public
Hydrosal Faneria Salt, Peat, and Shale Public
Gaia Energy Corporation Burgundie Nuclear, wind, solar energy Public, state-owned
Core Power Burgundie Geothermal, nuclear, hydro energy Public, state-owned
Mimban Development Corumm Oil & Gas State-owned
Compor Mining Corumm Base Metals Public
Xinyu Green Energy Corumm Nuclear Energy State-owned
Diamante Oil Group Cartadania Natural gas, Petroleum, Petrochemicals Public
Marín-Helius Cartadania Natural gas & petroleum Public
Solaris S.A. Cartadania Coal, Natural gas, Petroleum , Petrochemicals Public
Southern Odoneru Petroleum S.A. (POS) Cartadania Aviation fuels, Motor fuels, Natural gas, Petroleum, Petrochemicals Public
Tidal Group Cartadania Natural gas, Petroleum, offshore wind energy, hydro energy Public
PETROPEL Pelaxia Natural gas, Petroleum, Motor fuels, Aviation fuels, Petrochemicals State-owned
EREPEL Pelaxia Offshore wind energy, hydro energy State-owned
Hendalarsk-Bergwerke VEB Hendalarsk Base metals (principally copper) State-owned
Hendalarsk-Bausteinbrüche VEB Hendalarsk Stone quarrying State-owned
Márványbányászat Állami Vállalat Hendalarsk Marble quarrying State-owned
Clarke-Elias Corporation Alstin Natural Gas, Petroleum, Motor fuel, Aviation fuel, Petrochemicals, Nuclear energy, Renewables Public
Stain Mining and Energy Alstin Coal mining, Base and Rare-earth metals, Nuclear energy, Renewables Public
Dorn Mining Company Alstin Coal mining, Base metals, Rare-earth metals, Diamonds Private
AP Alstin Natural Gas, Petroleum, Motor fuel, Aviation fuel, Petrochemicals Public


This list includes all companies associated with providing services, such as retailers, restaurant corporations, law firms, and hospitality services.

Name Nation Industry Type
Bhictor Bhictoria Burgundie Retail Public
McDougals Burgundie Fast-food Public
Beacon Business Continuity and Incident Management Burgundie Emergency Management and Business Continuity Public
Burgundie International Health Network Burgundie Healthcare Public
Glaskow Refrigerated Storage Burgundie Logistics and Storage Public
Perfect Storm Emergency Response Corps Burgundie Emergency Management and Emergency Response Public
Saeger University Corporatation Burgundie Education Public
Saeger Vineyards Burgundie Alcoholic Beverages Public
Elodie Office Supplies Burgundie Office Supplies Public
Glenness Burgundie Alcoholic Beverages Public
O'Shea Operation Management Services Burgundie Operations Management Public
Maritime Response Group Burgundie Armed Maritime Protection and Response Public
Imperial Beverage Paulastra Beverages Public
Alquifer Incorporated Kiravia Alcoholic Beverages Public
Colonial Real Estate Paulastra Real Estate Public
Amarelo S.A. Cartadania Beverages Public
Amaris S.p.A Cartadania Clothing Public
Athena S.A. Cartadania Clothing Public
El Dorado Cartadania Clothing Public
Essen-Merz S.A. Cartadania Alcoholic beverages Public
Ivy Healthcare System Cartadania Healthcare Non-profit
República Calafia Cartadania Clothing Public
Targaidt Prìse Faneria Retail Public
Feldenet Driss Faneria Healthcare Private
MacAersk Defense (Formerly Haersk Defense) Faneria Private Security Private
Coria Clux Urcea Fast food Public
NoWaiter Urcea Fast food Private

Communication/Media Services

This list includes all companies associated with providing communication, media, and media provider services, .

Name Nation Industry Type
Vintage Wireless Burgundie Telecom Private
Extron Burgundie Mobile Burgundie Telecom Private
National Wireless Services Burgundie Telecom Private
Island Mobile Burgundie Telecom Private
Great Seas BurgunMobile Burgundie Telecom Private
Kela Wireless Kelekona (H.Q.), Anta Carda, Punthite Republic, Titechaxha, Varshan, and Ulaga Telecom Private
Alô International S.A. Cartadania (H.Q.), Ceylonia, and Galicia Telecom Public
Claro S.A. Cartadania Telecom Public
Dominica S.A. Cartadania Telecom Public
Pronto Wireless S.p.A Cartadania Telecom Public
Publixão Cable Communications (Amplus) Cartadania Telecom Subsidiary
Axiom Communications S.A. Cartadania (H.Q.), Pelaxia, Caphiria Telecom, Mass media Public
Braunlich Pelaxia Alcoholic Beverages Public


This list includes all companies associated with transportation, including airliner, railway, postal & parcel, and trucking.

Name Nation Industry Type
Seaborne Corporation Kiravia Shipping Private
Lansing Lines Burgundie Railway Private
AiReal Burgundie Airline Public
DeBonAire Airlines‎‎ Burgundie Airline Private
Doppel Gangway‎‎ Burgundie Maritime Transit Private
Azul Airlines Cartadania Airline Public
Lealia Airlines Cartadania Airline Public
NIAL Cartadania Airline Public
Premiere Airways Cartadania Airline Public
Zong Corumm Maritime Transit State-owned
Air Alstin Alstin Airline Public
Raven Airlines Alstin Airline Public
UR Airways Alstin Airline Public
Steele Rail Alstin Railway Private
BrookLines Alstin Railway Private
Russel Railroad Alstin Railway Private
UR Railways Alstin Railway State-owned
Alstin Marine Alstin Maritime Transit State-owned
Aubrey-Ulysses Alstin Maritime Transit Public
Blue Star Line Alstin Maritime Transit Public


This list includes all companies associated with the transportation of goods.

Name Nation Industry Type
Burgoignesc North Levantine Trading Company Burgundie Logistics Public
Burgoignesc South Levantine Trading Company Burgundie Logistics Public
Burgundian West Punth Trading Company Burgundie Logistics Public
Burgundian Grand Crona Trading Company Burgundie Logistics Public
O’Shea Container Shipping Burgundie Shipping Public
Lansing Lines Burgundie Shipping Private
Yishi Logistics Corumm Human Logistics, Shipping Private
Republic Express Alstin Logistics Public
Air Alstin Alstin Air Cargo Public
Alstinian Trade Company Alstin Logistics, Shipping Public
Marmoreal Trade Company Alstin Logistics, Shipping Public
Trans-Cathay Trading Company Alstin Logistics Public
Shauku Island Trading Company Alstin, Burgundie Logistics, Shipping Public


This list includes all companies associated with providing utilities, including sewage, waste disposal, electricity, water, and telecommunications.

Name Nation Industry Type
Home Sea General Electric Faneria Electricity State-owned
Hei Seirbanisge Faneria Water Private
Heiden Irrigation Faneria Water Private
National Central Aquafer Commission Faneria Water State-owned
Meridian Energy Cartadania Electricity Public