Burgoignesc Kandahar-Kandara Trading Company

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Burgoignesc Kandahar-Kandara Trading Company (BKKTC)
Traded asBKKTC
IndustryInternational trade
Founded18 September 1587
HeadquartersCompany Hall,
Port Diteaux
Area served
Colonial Audonia
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Founded as the Company for the Aid of the Protestants Refugees in 1575. Then the South Sea Expedition Company in 1594, then the Ularien Trading Company in 1608, then the Marialanii Ularien Trading Company in 1705.

Colonial period

Kiro-Burgoignesc Wars

Main article: Kiro-Burgoignesc Wars

The Modern Company

Following the loss of its territories in Alshar, the Burgundian West Punth Trading Company licked its wounds and returned to the newly independent Burgundie. To pay off its debts they sold their remaining trade islands of Ayermer, Levantx, Medimeria and GrofSee to the Government of Burgundie. Since 1838, the Burgundian West Punth Trading Company has been the official Burgundian trading advocate in Audonia and Punth.

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