Lansing-Mitchell Weaponeering

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Lansing-Mitchell Weaponeering
Subsidiary of Quicksilver Industries
  • Arms Manufacturing
FoundedApril 9, 1725
FounderSvelbard Lånsing and Hiriam Mitchell
HeadquartersKongerhus, Burgundie
Area served
Key people
Jakob Lauder
(President & CEO)
Stefan Lansing
(Executive Chairman)

Lars Hendrik
(Executive Vice President & CFO)

Lansing-Mitchell Weaponeering is a Burgundian global weapons manufacturing company, although since 1992 it has become primarily a pistol manufatory, with worldwide interests. It is a subsidiary of global conglomerate Quicksilver Industries and employs 20,000 people worldwide. It is headquartered in NordHalle, Burgundie. The current president and Chief Executive Officer is Jakob Lauder, he was promoted from Executive Vice President & CFO in 2002 when the deal he pioneered to Lansing-Mitchell Weaponeering to Quicksilver Industries.


Lansing-Mitchell Weaponeering was formed when, on April 9, 1725, the arms manufacturing firms of Svelbard Lånsing and Hiriam Mitchell combined and were nationalized under a Kuhlfrosi royal decree. The company remains, at least nominally) managed by the Lånsing (Germanized to Lansing) family to this day. During the Burgundian Industrial Revolution Lansing-Mitchell became the state weapons manufacturing concern for the Republic of Burgundie. Because of it's importance to the republic, any effort to privatize the company by members of the Lansing family were rejected by the Golden Council of Ten. As part of the Economic Reforms of 1996-2004 the firm was allowed to be privatized in 2000. Jakob Lauder, then Executive Vice President & CFO sought an international market for Lansing-Mitchell and approached a number of companies. In 2002, Lauder finalized a merger with Quicksilver Industries, giving Lansing-Mitchell access to numerous new markets. The company has reported $24 billion in revenue last year and is estimated to have $2.1 billion in assets.

Despite this recent move, 80% of Lansing-Mitchell Weaponeering's business is from the Burgundian Armed Forces and Police Services.



Model Name Specifications Image Class
LM-1974e Experimentelle LM-1974e.png Handgun
LM-19 Dienstrevolver LM-19.png Handgun
LM-19k kurzDienstrevolver LM-19k.png Handgun
LM-20 Riot Pistol LM-20 Riot gun.png Handgun
LM-22 PoliziePistole LM-22.png Handgun
LM-25 Seitenarm LM-25.png Handgun
LM-Snauzer 2021 model LM-Snauzer 2021.png Handgun

Submachine Guns

Model Name Specifications Image Class
LM-AM46 LM-AM46.png Police Submachine Gun


Model Name Specifications Image Class
LM-126 Assault Rifle LM-126.png Assault Rifle
LM-132 Battle Rifle LM-132.png Battle Rifle



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