O’Shea Container Shipping

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O’Shea Container Shipping
Formerly called
O'Shea Hull Design,
O'Shea Shipping Company
Subsidiary of Quicksilver Industries
  • Intercontinental Shipping
  • International Shipping
  • Shipbuilding
  • Infrastructure Design, Construction and Maintenance
FounderPadraig O'Seaghdha
HeadquartersKongerhus, Burgundie
Area served
Key people
Werner vonSteuben
Heidelgard O'Shaunassey
Ryan O'Toole
(Executive Chairman)

Viktor Kleisen
(Executive Vice President)
Rory Clemson-Danielson

O’Shea Container Shipping is a Burgundian shipbuilding and logistics company with global interests. It is a subsidiary of Caphiravian conglomerate Quicksilver Industries and employs 80,000 people worldwide. It is headquartered in Kongerhus, Burgundie.


Coming from a poor Gaelic family in Kuhlfros, Padraig O'Seaghdha saw no life for himself in his small inland village. Buying the only ticket he could afford, he immigrated to Burgundie in 1858. He was fascinated by the harbor and the ships and when he arrived in Kongerhus he took a job as a shipwright. He did not take to the work well, as he was often caught sketching instead of working and was soon fired. To make money for food he began selling his sketches. He was offered a job as a draughtsman for a small firm and soon became the preeminent designer. In 1873, he founded O'Shea Hull Design (having simplified the spelling of his name) with two other draughtsmen. In 1881, O'Shea Hull Design bought two fledgling merchant houses to become the O'Shea Shipping Company. This acquisition lead to the specialization of O'Shea's ship design strategy to merchant cargo ships. Blustered by the rising influence of the Burgundian merchant marine, O'Shea's business director, Seamus Hannigan began buying up smaller design houses and merchant concerns. By 1903 the O'Shea Shipping Company was the largest naval architecture firm in Burgundie.

With the passing of Padraig O'Seaghdha in 1917, at the age of 77, Seamus Hannigan took over. Under Seamus' tenure, 1917-1961, O'Shea diversified its assets across the maritime realm. Buying four shipyards suffering from bankruptcy, a marine engineering firm, a for-profit merchant marine college, and a harbor dredging company.

Having made large profits from major infrastructure contracts during the Pax Burgundia O'Shea expanded yet again on the 1990s, this time in the arenas of standard gauge rail and harbor design/construction. This diversification of its assets and its foreign investments helped it survive the Burgundian Great Recession unscathed.

Seeing the potential to assert itself as a world-class naval architecture and standardized container shipping firm on the global stage, O'Shea Shipping Company joined the Quicksilver family in 2007, as O’Shea Container Shipping.


Naval Shipyard

Surface Naval Vessels

Model Name Specifications Image Class
Feagan Class
  • Length: 241m (794ft)
  • Draft: 10m (33ft)
  • Aircraft carried: 90–100 aircraft / 2 × deck-edge elevators
  • Operators: Burgundie, Ormata
StPadraigClassCarrier-1.png Aircraft Carrier
Donner Class FeinnianClassTheaterSuperiorityS-1.png Battle Cruiser
Feltcher Class Feltcher Class.png Pocket Battleship
Blitz Class BansheeClassStealthBattleCruiser.png Battle Cruiser
Kliebold Class
  • Length: 175m (574ft)
  • Draft: 5m (15ft)
  • Armament: 30x Mk57 RIM-116 RAM, 4x Mk57 Tomahawks, 4x Mk57RIM-161 Standard Missile 3, 32× SeaRAM, 2x Goalkeeper CIWS
  • Aircraft carried: 4 × small fighters, 4 × helicopters
  • Operators: Burgundie NOT FOR EXPORT
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Destroyer Carrier
Jörg Pfeiffer Class
  • Length: 275m (643ft)
  • Draft: 10m (33ft)
  • Armament: 4× twin P-500 Bazalt SSM launchers (8 missiles), 2× twin M-11 Shtorm SAM launchers (72 missiles), 2× twin 9K33 Osa launchers (40 missiles), 2× AK-726 twin 76.2 mm AA guns, 8× AK-630 30 mm CIWS, 10× 21" torpedo tubes, 1× twin SUW-N-1 FRAS Anti-Submarine Rocket launcher
  • Aircraft carried: 12 × small fighters, 16 × helicopters
  • Operators: Burgundie, Ormata
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Cruiser Carrier
Madigan Class
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Submarine Naval Vessels

Model Name Specifications Image Class
Ormata Class Submarine
  • Length: 70m (229ft)
  • Endurance: over 14 days submerged without snorkeling
  • Armament: 4 × 533 mm (21 in) torpedo tubes with 12 torpedoes
  • Operators: Ormata
Ormata Class.png Attack Submarine
Visagoth Class Submarine
  • Length: 106.9 m (350 ft 9 in)
  • Endurance: 70 days
  • Armament: 10 × SS-N-7 cruise missiles in individual tubes, 4 × 533-mm torpedo-tubes (12 torpedoes
  • Operators: Ormata
Papa class SSGN.svg Attack Submarine

Patrol Vessels

Model Name Specifications Image Class
Berge Class
  • Length: 90m (295ft)
  • Draft: 5m (16ft)
  • Compliment: 5 officers, 8 seamen/ 1 helicopter
  • Operators: Burgundie, Galtrasia
5c977d08.png Cutter
Dignity Class
  • Length: 66m (216ft)
  • Draft: with hydrofoils 12m (39ft), at high speed 1m (3ft)
  • Compliment: 3 officers, 3 seamen
  • Operators: Burgundie, Ormata, Dmanian, Galtrasia
Dignity Class.png High-Seas Patrol Boat
Kalt Class Ara-ClassLocalPatrolBoat.png Coastal Patrol Boat
Gothar Class
  • Length: 29m (95ft)
  • Draft: 1m (1ft)
  • Compliment: 1 officers, 2 seamen
  • Operators: Burgundie, Ormata
Avon-ClassRiverBoat.png Riverine Patrol Boat

Merchant Marine

Bulk Cargo Ships

Model Name Specifications Image Class
Timberwolf Class
  • Length: 218m (715ft)
  • Draft: 10m (33ft)
  • Gross Tonnage: 61,300tons
OSheaShippingTanker.png Bulk Tanker
Feoniks Class
  • Length: 218m (715ft)
  • Draft: 10m (33ft)
  • LNG Capacity: 168,000 cubic metres (551,181 cu ft)
OSheaLNGTanker.png LNG Bulk Tanker
Rindfleisch Class
  • Length: 218m (715ft)
  • Draft: 10m (33ft)
  • Livestock Capacity: 25,000 cattle or 70,000 sheep
OSheaLivestock Ship.png Livestock Carrier

General Cargo Ships

Model Name Specifications Image Class
Brexton Class
  • Length: 218m (715ft)
  • Draft: 10m (33ft)
  • TEUs: 2,500
OShea Boxcar Class Cellular Container Ship.png Containerized Ship
Markus Class
  • Length: 218m (715ft)
  • Draft: 10m (33ft)
  • TEUs: 1,800
Ormata Armed Merchantman.png Freighter-Fighter
Flying Dutchman Class
  • Length: 218m (715ft)
  • Draft: 10m (33ft)
  • TEUs: 1,500
Ormata Armed Merchantman3.1.png Freighter-Fighter
Globalstock Class
  • Length: 402m (1319ft)
  • Draft: 15.5m (51ft)
  • TEUs: 14,300
OShea Post Panamax Class Container Ship.png Containerized Ship

BergeSee 2030 Hull Design Challenge

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