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Prostitution law varies widely from country to country, and between jurisdictions within a country. At one extreme, prostitution or sex work is legal in some places and regarded as a profession, while at the other extreme, it is a crime punishable by death in some other places.

In many jurisdictions, prostitution – the commercial exchange of sex for money, goods, service, or some other benefit agreed upon by the transacting parties – is illegal, while in others it is legal, but surrounding activities, such as soliciting in a public place, operating a brothel, and pimping, may be illegal. In many jurisdictions where prostitution is legal, it is regulated; in others it is unregulated. Where the exchange of sex for money is criminalized, it may be the sex worker (most commonly), the client, or both, who are subject to prosecution.

Prostitution has been condemned as a single form of human rights abuse, and an attack on the dignity and worth of human beings. Other schools of thought argue that sex work is a legitimate occupation, whereby a person trades or exchanges sexual acts for money and/or goods. Some believe that women in developing countries are especially vulnerable to sexual exploitation and human trafficking, while others distinguish this practice from the global sex industry, in which "sex work is done by consenting adults, where the act of selling or buying sexual services is not a violation of human rights.


Country/territory Legality

(prostitution legal or illegal)

(yes or no)
(Regulated or unregulated or illegal)
 Austro-Caldera Legal Yes Unregulated Austro-Caldera is known for not having any moral laws, however, there is an unspoken law that prostitution is illegal in Little Caldera. Sex workers who operate in Little Caldera are often arrested for "damaging Caldera's international reputation".
 Caphiria Legal Yes Regulated Prostitution in Caphiria is a completely legal and regulated - if disreputable profession. The College of Prostitution is the governing body for sex work in Caphiria, responsible for the regulation and protection for both businesses and workers, and ensuring workers comply with health regulations and engage in preventative practices
 Carna Legal Yes Regulated
 Cartadania Legal Yes Regulated Though the practice is officially legal, it tends to be frowned upon among many communities. It is typically more common in the southwestern portions of the country, but can also be found in larger cities around the country.
Hendalarsk Varies by jurisdiction Yes Varies by jurisdiction Prostitution is relatively rare in Hendalarsk proper due to very low rates of poverty, the state's extensive and well-provisioned social services and its liberal asylum strictures. It is formally illegal in Hendalarsk proper although entirely decriminalised, while sex workers are legally able to unionise for their own safety. Buying sex is regarded as extremely dishonourable among mainland Hendalarskaren. The situation is very different in the Pentapolis. Mainland Hendalarskara cultural taboos are still the norm in the cities of Hukenen, Jendaburg and Molinstadt - although the same "permissive" regime (outright legalisation, commercial regulation) is notionally in effect as in Miledaas, which is notorious as a centre of the Levantine sex industry. In the city of Wrzeszcz-Kokoszki, by contrast, the sex trade is completely outlawed and the ban is rigorously enforced, with foreigners subject to deportation for violations.
 Kiravia Illegal Select States No
(one state loophole)
Prostitution is illegal throughout the Kiravian Federacy, but has been decriminalised in Fariva and three counties in West Æonara. Pimping and bordello operation remain illegal and prosecuted in Fariva, and purchasing prostitution has not been decriminalised (though prosecution is lax). Paid performance in pornography is also considered prostitution, though in Argévia it has been creatively decriminalised in a manner that effectively creates a regulated adult film industry.
 Metzetta Illegal Illegal Illegal
 Urcea Illegal Illegal Illegal
 Vithinja Legal Yes Regulated
 Puertego Illegal No Unregulated Prostitution is officially illegal in Puertego though due to large amounts of corruption in the police force and large amounts of impoverished women the practice is still common with the government looking the other way on most black-market brothels they find, human trafficking is also a large issue in Puertego with many women in poverty ending up getting trafficked and sold into the sex trade while the government often looks the other way due to corruption.