Flags around the world

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Flags exist around the world for sovereign nations, provinces, cities, and many other institutions. Each flag is depicted as if the flagpole is positioned on the left of the flag.

National flags

Flags used by nations to represent themselves on the world stage.

Flag Country Notes
Flag of Aciria .png Aciria
30Star.png Alstin
Arco 2020s flag.PNG Arcerion
AsteklionFlag.png Asteklion
Flag of TRWT.svg Battganuur
BurgFlag.png Burgundie

Burgundie will use the Royal Flag of Burgundie when the Great Principal Family is conducting business on its behalf.
Jn8qyogt4xt41.png Canpei
Flag of Cartadania.svg Cartadania
Flag of the Cape Republic.svg the Cape
Flag of Caphiria (Small).png Caphiria
Corummia Flag.png Corumm
Enserlano.png Enserlano
Fh flag 2022.png Faneria
Fiannriaflag.png Fiannria
HendalarskFlag.png Hendalarsk
KiravFlag.png Kiravia
MetzettanFlagLarge.png Metzetta
Flag of Suita, Osaka.svg Oyashima
Bandera Nacional.svg Pelaxia
RUflag.png Rusana
Stenzaflagnew.png Stenza
Takatta Loa Flag.png Loa Republic
TanhaiFlag1.png Tanhai
Flag of Urcea.svg Urcea
VithinjaNaZy-RoyalFlag.png Vithinja
Flag of Free Aceh Movement.svg Yanuban
Yonderre Flag.png Yonderre

Flags of international institutions

Flags used in an official context by international institutions operating in more than one country.

Flag Institution Notes
CSTU Flag v3.PNG Cronan Security and Trade Union
IstroyanGamesFlag.png Istroyan Games Used to represent both the games and the IIGC.
LoNFlag.png League of Nations
Levantine union flag.png Levantine Union
NSTA Flag.png Nysdra Sea Treaty Association
TRIAD flag.png TRIAD