Rapid transit systems around the world

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Rapid transit or mass rapid transit (MRT), also known as heavy rail, metro, subway, tube, or underground, is a type of high-capacity public transport generally found in urban areas. Unlike buses or trams, rapid transit systems are electric railways that operate on an exclusive right-of-way, which cannot be accessed by pedestrians or other vehicles of any sort, and which is often grade-separated in tunnels or on elevated railways.

Modern services on rapid transit systems are provided on designated lines between stations typically using electric multiple units on rail tracks, although some systems use guided rubber tires, magnetic levitation (maglev), or monorail. The stations typically have high platforms, without steps inside the trains, requiring custom-made trains in order to minimize gaps between train and platform. They are typically integrated with other public transport and often operated by the same public transport authorities. However, some rapid transit systems have at-grade intersections between a rapid transit line and a road or between two rapid transit lines.

Countries with railway networks do not necessarily have rapid transit systems; trams and light rail systems also fall outside the scope of this article.

List of rapid transit systems
Country City Name Stations Lines Year Opened
 Alstin Alstin Alstin Underground 286 12 1884
Altman MART 49 7 1957
Lakeshore LERT 142 6 1896
Riverton Riverton Subway 151 8 1901
Deralveca Deralveca Metro 72 7 1905
Pressley Pressley Metrorail 23 4 1978
Washkau SBTA Rail 53 6 1909
Lyleon Lyleon Metro 67 7 1967
Karrichas Karrichas Subway 29 5 1900
Dalton DART 57 6 1908
 Tierrador Taisgol Taisgol Metro Transit 410 34 1889
Prisamarina Prisamarina Underground 298 17 1902
Qabór QMTA 142 13 1925
Ambaqwe AMTA Subway 110 9 1916
Hugo Hugo Metro 61 6 1968
Anloiya Anloiya Subway 74 6 1899
Miccubo MTA Subway 89 8 1912
Topatopaski Port Authority Transit 103 8 1917
Sevier STA Metro 74 5 1961
Sačia STA City Subway 61 5 1955
 Burgundie Vilauristre 136 9 1883
 Caphiria Venceia Subterra Vectura 450 6
 Faneria Teindún-Oirthidún LATO (Líne Aontaithe na Teindún an Oirthidún) 304 9 1886
Sethsport SSSL (Sethsport, Spetsford, Selwyn Line) 68 4 1914
Leighlinbridge MacHarper Subtransit Line 18 2 1898
Hazelton-Dúnby Dunby Subline 7 1 1973
 Kiravia Valēka Valēka Subway 99 10
Kartika Kartika Metro
Escarda Escarda Subway
Primóra Primóra Light Rail 20 4
 Metzetta Ankae Ankae Metropolitan Railway
Hanzeong Hanzeong Metropolitan Railway
Hitui Hitui Metropolitan Railway
Hokae Hokae Underground Railroad
Inyang Inyang Metropolitan Railway

(connects to Hanzeong Metropolitan Railway)

Jamsu Jamsu Subway
Uchyeo Uchyeo Underground Railroad
 Urcea Urceopolis Archcathedral Rapid Transit 1871