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A twinned city or sister city is a form of legal or social agreement between two geographically and politically distinct localities for the purpose of promoting cultural and commercial ties. The concept also applies to towns and villages. While there are early examples of international links between municipalities akin to what are known as sister cities or twin towns today dating back to the 9th century, the modern concept was first established and adopted worldwide during the Second Great War. It is common for one city to be twinned with several others.

Origins of the modern concept

The modern concept of town and city twinning has its origins in the Second Great War. More specifically it was devised on the part of the Allies to boost morale and build a stronger sense of being on the same team; the first twinned cities were Ankae, Metzetta and Soleramo, Aciria. After the war, links were forged between former foes to foster friendship and understanding and as a display of peace and reconciliation. The purpose of twinnings then got expanded to encourage trade and tourism or to reflect other links, such as towns sharing the same name or migration links. By the 2000s, town twinning became increasingly used to form strategic international business links among member cities, and may include localities of any scope such as villages or prefectures.

Reasons for twinning

Cities can be twinned as an act of diplomacy, because of expat communities, due to shared linguistic origins of their names, to encourage trade and tourism, on account of a shared historical event, similar attitudes or industries or between cities with similar cultural events. Twinned cities tend to be of similar size and population.

The Ssangdosi

"Ssangdosi" is an abbreviation of the Metzi word for twinned cities. It is a project which aims to twin one town from every country with each other. Large cities are generally passed over in favour of smaller towns which well represent the culture of the host nation. The five founding members were; Janggwari, Metzetta; XX, YY; XX, YY; XX, YY and XX, YY. The project was established in 1991 by Pomewa Himchan, firstborn son of Princess Seulgi of Metzetta.

Towns which have joined since then include XX, YY (YEAR) and XX, YY (YEAR).

List of twinned cities

Country City/Town Twinned with
Aciria Soleramo Ankae, Metzetta
Pressley, United Republic
Trossera Alstin, United Republic
 Alstin Alstin Hanzeong, Metzetta
Dalton Jamsu, Metzetta
Schullerhausen, Hendalarsk
Pressley Ankae, Metzetta

Soleramo, Aciria

 Arcerion Kinnaird
Kurst Alstin, United Republic
 Burgundie Estia Collinebourg, Yonderre
 Cartadania Alahuela Alstin, United Republic

Hanzeong, Metzetta

 Daxia Mirzak Alstin, United Republic
 Hendalarsk Frehmenwerth
Schulahaun Jamsu, Metzetta
Dalton, United Republic
 Kiravia Kartika Alstin, United Republic
 Metzetta Ankae Soleramo, Aciria
Pressley, United Republic
Galko Spelph, Yonderre
Hanzeong Alahuela, Cartadania
Alstin, United Republic

Collinebourg, Yonderre

Jamsu Schullerhausen, Hendalarsk
Dalton, United Republic
Janggwari The Ssangdosi
 Urcea Cana Collinebourg, Yonderre
 Yonderre Collinebourg Cana, Urcea

Estia, Burgundie

Hanzeong, Metzetta

Spelph Galko, Metzetta