List of legislatures by country

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This is a list of legislatures by country. A "legislature" is the generic name for the national parliaments and congresses that act as a plenary general assembly of representatives and that have the power to legislate.

State Legislature Chambers (if multicameral)
Unicameralia Supreme Soviet
Bicameralia General Assembly House of Delegates (lower house)
Senate (upper house)
Alstin Alstin Parliament National Council (lower house)
Senate (upper house)
Caphiria Caphiria Corcillum National Assembly
Military Assembly
Tribunal Assembly
Carna Carna Forgaitherin
Cartadania Cartadania National Congress Chamber of Emissaries (lower house)
Senate (upper house)
Daxia Daxia National People's Council
 Faneria National Assembly State Council
Party Council
Peoples' Council
Kiravia Kiravian Federacy Federal Stanora
 Lucrecia General Assemblies Senatorial House (aristocrats)
Centuriate Assembly (communities and cantons)
Popular Assembly (union of two lower houses)
 Rumahoki National Assembly Congress of the Peerage (upper house)
Congress of the Commons (lower house)
Urcea Urcea Concilium Daoni