Sports Leagues of the world

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A sports league is a group of sports teams or individual athletes that compete against each other and gain points in a specific sport. Sports leagues are often major cultural touchstones and can draw visitors from all over the globe.

International Leagues

International leagues welcome teams or individuals from all countries across the world.

Name Sport Established
Istroyan Games Multi-sport competition 1950
WAFF World Cup Association Football 1962

Multi-National Leagues

Multi-national leagues welcome teams or individuals from more than one country in a specific region of the world.

Countries Name Sport Established
Alshar Games Multi-sport competition
Kiravia, Faneria Boreal Hockey League Hockey
Continental Baseball Conference Baseball

National Leagues

National leagues welcome teams or individuals from within a specific nation.

Country Name Sport Established
 Alstin Major League Football Association Football 1891
 Alstin Alstinian Baseball Conference Professional Baseball 1910
 Alstin National Basketball League Professional Basketball 1944
Austro-Caldera Kravget Preservation Organization Kravget 1627
Austro-Caldera National Football League Association Football 1929
 Hendalarsk Hendalarskaras Bundesliga Association Football 1931
 Kiravia Federated Football League Kiravian-rules Football 1928
 Pelaxia Liga Suprema Association Football 1928
 Yonderre Ligue Yonderre Association Football 1903