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The smoking age is the minimum legal age required to purchase or use tobacco products. Most countries have laws that forbid the sale of tobacco products to persons younger than certain ages, usually the age of majority.


Country De jure Notes
Legal age to smoke any tobacco products Legal age to buy any tobacco products
 Austro-Caldera unregulated 26
 Caphiria 16 It is illegal to sell tobacco products to anyone under the age of 16 years. Minors under the age of 16 years may not smoke in any school or on school property.
 Cartadania 17 or 21 Ban on domestic growth of tobacco was lifted in 2030, however, higher tariffs on its derivatives still remain and have discouraged smoking of cigarettes over the years. Alexandria, Alahuela, Maresia, Porta Bianca, São Ricardo, and Verona have increased their age of tobacco consumption to 21 years. Cigars have become popular once again amongst elder generations of the Kindreds and Taínean regions, though smoking restrictions with regards to smoking areas remain consistent.
 Duōmachāha Illegal The smoking of any and all tobacco products is illegal. The production of tobacco products is illegal unless sanctioned by the government, and the distribution of use of tobacco products in Duōmachāha is strictly illegal.
 Eldmora-Regulus 20 It is illegal to sell tobacco products to anyone under the age of 20. In 2010, the Volksforum passed a law that imposed a 5% additional Tobacco Tax on Tobacco and it's derivative products, discouraging smoking over the years since it's implementation. There's a movement in Eldmora to raise the minimum age to 25, an even smaller movement exists to ban smoking out right in both Eldmora and Regulus. Many schools, university campuses, hospitals, and sport venues have banned smoking on their premises in Eldmora.
Hendalarsk unregulated 18 Tobacco smoking is taboo in Hendalarskara society, viewed as a Gesellschaftsschade ("societal harm") that is disparaged because of the long-term risk it poses to others. This view holds even in the Pentapolis, one of the few areas where mainland and Serstädtsch mores align, although the behaviour is begrudgingly tolerated among tourists in the Cities. It is therefore only legal for those 18 and over to purchase tobacco products. Hendalarsk's many smokeable indigenous plants can also only be purchased by adults (although anyone may forage them for non-commercial use), although the restriction is in this case a positive cultural one since smoking indigenous plants is traditionally treated as a rite of passage in one's coming-of-age ceremony.
 Kiravia unregulated 14-17 Purchase age varies by state from none (Daridia, Kyllera) to 17 (Fariva). Most states have a purchase age between 14 and 16. Enforcement varies.
 Vithinja Illegal Because of harsh laws set by the Union of Public Health all smoking of tobacco products is fully illegal for all ages both purchasing and using in any way.
Vallejar 22 22 In Vallejar, tobacco consumption is not very widespread due to the country's own traditions, so they are not very regulated, anyone who meets the permitted age can buy and consume these products (which are not so easy to find due to the little demand).