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This is a complete list of the official languages of countries and dependent territories of the world. It includes all languages that have official language status either statewide or in a part of the state, or that have status as a national language, regional language, or minority language.


  • Official language: one designated as having a unique legal status in the state, typically, the language used in a nation's legislative bodies, and often, official government business
  • Regional language: one designated as having official status limited to a specific area, administrative division, or territory of the state (on this page a regional language will have parentheses next to it that contain a region, province, etc. where the language has regional status)
  • Minority language: (as used here) one spoken by a minority population within the state and officially designated as such; typically afforded protection and designated an officially permissible language for legal and government business in a specific area or territory of the state (on this page a minority language will be followed by parentheses that identify its minority status)
  • National language: one that uniquely represents the national identity of a state, nation, and/or country and so designated by a country's government; some are technically minority languages (on this page a national language will be followed by parentheses that identify it as a national language status). Some countries have more than one language with this status


Country State/province/region Official language National language Regional language Minority language Notes
 Caphiria Caphiric Latin
  • Cartadanian
  • Kiravic Coscivian
  • Istroyan, Cronan
  • Julian Ænglish
  • Lebhan
 Cartadania Cartadanian
  • Kiravic Coscivian
  • Istroyan
  • Julian Ænglish
  • Lebhan
Some states have a co-official language other than Cartadanian that is not federally recognized as an official language. In Milan, Charentais is co-official alongside Cartadanian, while in Triessa and São Andreas, Caphiric Latin is co-official. Pelaxian is common in multiple states but not co-official in any.
 Eldmora-Regulus  Eldmora Eldmoran
 Regulus Dauffonian
 Faneria General Area Fhasen
Penthebhra Coscivian Aenglish
Srathlann Aenglish
Lyukquar Caeric
Mharnsgate Malokan Algosh, Ashnekik, Rihann, Varshani Seqett Dialect
 Hendalarsk Khunyeria Hendalarskisch Khunyer Nünsyi
Pentapolis Pentapolitan Argot
 Vithinja Ruthi Ruthi, Siervich Caeric