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This is a list of current heads of state and government, showing heads of state and Head of government where different, mainly in parliamentary systems; often a leader is both in presidential systems. Some states have semi-presidential systems where the head of government role is fulfilled by both the listed head of government and the head of state.

The list includes the names of the recently elected or appointed heads of state who will take office on an appointed date.


State Head of state Head of government Notes
21 star.png Alstin


State Head of state Head of government Notes
KiravianFlag.png Kiravia
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State Head of state Head of government Notes
Burgundie flag.png Burgundie
Great Prince - Pasqual I
Principal Commissar - Alistaire-Emerie MacLaughlin
Executive - Amelia Al-Ahzmira
Chancellor - Camron Accomendor
HendalarskFlag.png Hendalarsk
Archking (Erzkönig) - Markus IV Johannes von Agendorf und Wannmür
Primarch of the Great Chamber (Prigrokam) - Andreas Haller
Although the Archking is formally the head of state, he has no constitutional power beyond that of an ordinary citizen.
Orenstia is a directorial republic with a collective head of government.
As it is a dual-state system, both the leaders of the Yytusche-Federation and the Helvanic Soviet are recorded here.


State Head of state Head of government Notes


State Head of state Head of government Notes
Template:Country data Pelaxia
Presidente Federal - Ivo Cucuphas
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President of the Executive Council - Lucás Brutus Loide
 Takatta Loa

Sovereign Monarchs

Monarch Image House Country Standard/Seal
Pasqual I OSCE PA President George Tsereteli and the Grand Duke of Luxembourg CROPPED Henri.jpg House Palacin Burgundie 80px
Adrianus Panthera TBD Panther Caphiria TBD
Riordan VIII Prince Carl Philip of Sweden 8255.jpg House de Weluta Urcea DeWelutaNew.png
Staurakios V StaurakiosV.jpg House Lekaios Safryos TBD