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Pasqual I (Paulus Guillem Vincent Emmanuel Messegue; born 28 June 1971) in the great prince of Burgundie. He is the eldest child of Maurice I, the last great prince and Anna-Emmanuella de Messegue, the Duchess of Daltmur, a major Burgundian philanthropist. He is widely regarded as a kindhearted man, soft spoken and well mannered, however, some consider him irresponsibly pertinacious when he focuses on a specific project.

Early life

Guillem's Birth Certificate

Heir presumptive


Universitas Magistrorum

Studied history at Universitas Magistrorum, where he graduated Summa Cum Laude

Universitas Codicis

Achieved a masters in Applied Business Law at Universitas Codicis with a thesis titled, "Securing the Cultural Currency of Levantia in the Ixnayan Social Marketplace". First in Royal Family to get a masters.

Marriage and children

Military service

1996-2002 25-31



Constitutional role

Personal life and interests


Main article: Palacin Holdings

Public Health


Crown Prince Guillem's Foundation


Pasqual I and Princess Carolina-Emilia have four children and three grandchildren.

  • Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Amelia Agathe-Evangeline Herreng]] of Burgundie (born 1 August 1997). She was married to His Royal Highness Laurentius Llorenc Carinus Rullianus Juvenis of Caphiria on 15 June 2025 at Cathedral of St. Mattius, Vilauristre. The couple have twins:
    • His Royal Highness Prince Fridericus Frederic Laurentius Juvenis of Burgundie (born 15 October 2026)
    • Her Royal Highness Princess Floridia-Castalia Emmanualla Herreng of Burgundie (born 15 October 2026)
  • His Royal Highness Prince Emile-Alexandre Maurice of Burgundie (born 14 October 1999). He was married to Her Royal Highness Angela Arrezegno of Pelaxia on 15 June 2027 at Cathedral of St. Mattius, Vilauristre. The couple have one child:
    • Her Royal Highness Princess Amelia Catalina Barbi of Burgundie (born 3 November 2028)
  • His Royal Highness Prince Cristofor Maltas Gascon of Burgundie (born 21 July 2001). He was married to Madame Victoria Lascelles on October 3 2030 at Cathedral of St. Mattius, Vilauristre.
  • Her Royal Highness Princess Zoe Evangeline of Burgundie (born 1 August 2017).

Royal Connections

In 1999, Pasqual's brother Haddock Palacin married Bridgettia Julius Velucianus Carolinicus, colloquilly known as Brigette-Caroline de Weluta, Archduchess of XX. In 2006, Pasqual was chosen as King Riordan VIII's godfather along with his sister-in-law Bridgetta Palacin. This move was chosen to solidify the House de Weluta ties to Burgundie and House Palacin. Pasqual and Riordan VIII would later establish close personal and political ties.


8. Martin Palacin, Count of Dormanshire
4. Vincent Palacin, Duke of Martilles
9. Cassandre Miloumont, Duchess of Martilles
2. Great Prince Maurice I of Burgundie
10. Hibbard Gascon, Duke of Marialanus
5. Mariana of Marialanus, Duchess of Martilles
11. Carolina deHerreng, Duchess of Marialanus
1. Great Prince Pasqual I
12. Antônio Borges, Duke of Verona-Santiago
6. Edouardo Borges, Duke of Verona-Santiago
13. Aurora Reis, Duchess of Verona-Santiago
3. Great Princess Anna-Emmanuella of Burgundie
14. Theodorus Catonius Panther
7. Lucretia of Caphiria, Duchess of Marialanus
15. Floria Trenico

Stles, styles, honors and arms


Ex Deo Great Prince of Burgundie

Ex officio Duke of Drusla

Ex officio Duke of Eagaria

Ex officio Duke of Pumbria

Ex officio Burgrave of Adtaran

Ex officio Margrave of Cashen

Ex officio Count Palatine of Bonavix

Ex officio Lord of the Esquinia Hereditary Estates



National Honors

Foreign Honors


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