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The Burgoignesc Security Forces either fall under the Civil Defense and Security Ministry, the Ministry of Trade or the Interior Ministry. Military spending for the Civil Defense and Security Ministry accounts for 30% of discretionary funding or $1.23 trillion/year. Para-military spending for the Ministry of Trade accounts for 2% of its annual budget or $24.2 billion and 3% of the Interior Ministry or _%.

Burgoignesc Security Forces
Les Forces Burgoignesc Securitat
Agency overview
Jurisdiction Burgundie
Minister of Civil Defense and Security responsible
  • Adm. Florian d'Angquort
Agency executive
  • Adm. Jaqueline Santems, Chief of the Staff of the Security Forces
Child agencies

Burgundie does not own nuclear weapons or participate in any nuclear weapons programs.


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Country Active military Reserve military Paramilitary Total Per 1000 capita
Per 1000 capita
1,172,900 772,406 290,000 2,235,306 5.8 3.1
 Army of Burgundie
158,099 173,486 N/A 331,585 0.867 0.453
 Navy of Burgundie
714,545 437,886 N/A 1,419,286 3.71 0.23
 Royal Air Service of Burgundie
126,349 58,631 N/A 184,980 0.483 0.33
Defense Intelligence 8,609 846 N/A 9,455 0.02472 0.02251
 Revenue Guard
N/A N/A 75,000 75,000 0.196 0.196
 National Gendarmerie of Burgundie
N/A N/A 215,000 215,000 0.562 0.562

Civil Defense and Security Ministry

Entity 2028 Budget Allotment Percentage of Total Notes
Navy $516.6 billion 42% excluding Marine Corps
Royal Air Service $246 billion 20%
Defense Wide Joint Activities $184.5 billion 15%
Army of Burgundie $123 billion 10% The Standardized Militia Program/Burgundischen Fremdenlegion
Marine Corps $98.4 billion 8% Total Budget taken allotted from the Navy
Defense Intelligence $61.5 billionEntity 5%

The professional Burgoignesc Security Forces are composed of volunteers, male and female citizens aged from 20 to 34 (in special cases up to 50) years. A permanent navy, air force and Revenue Guard are maintained, but there is no permanent professional land force, within Burgundie proper. Each of the four counties Burgundie, Dübenneck, Wintergen and Zelthaus maintain a standardized militia program, that can be federalized by decree of the Viceroy.

Army of Burgundie

Main article: Army of Burgundie

Because of its non-permanent status, the majority of Burgundie's Army is best suited to fourth generation warfare, which is the basic doctrine of force. It relies entirely on small unit tactics and small, fast armored vehicles. This doctrine is born from the Viking origins of the nation, that surmise that all citizens are soldiers and that standing armies are too expensive for the threat levels that Burgundie has historically encountered.

Tropes della Metropol (Mainland Troops)

Standardized Militia Program

Young Burgundians receive their federal conscription orders for training at the age of 18, or after they have completed their high school studies. About two thirds of the young Burgundians are found suited for military service; for those found unsuited, various forms of alternative federal service exist. Annually, approximately 42,000 persons participate in the militia program which consists of a 3 month basic training period, three 30 day special skills training (sabotage/explosives, amphibious operations, long-range shooting), a two month tactical decision making class, a two month review training period, culmination in a month long exercise. Four week-long leaves are provided as part of the program. Once the "year of service" is completed and voting citizenship is attained, citizens can volunteer to continue their participation in the Standardized Militia Program. Participates receive the following benefits: 100% of the first higher education degree paid for, non-competitive status for federal jobs, a $500 tax break/annum, $10,000 stipend/annum and access to housing programs/preferential lending rates.

Great Prince's Own Royal Thračician‎ Foot Guard

The Great Prince's Own Royal Thračician‎ Foot Guard is an ethnic Thračician‎ Guard demi-regiment in the direct service of the Great Prince of Burgundie. The Guard is a non-mechanized infantry demi-regiment tasked with the protection of the Great Prince, his family and possessions.

Foreign Legion

Despite the Foot Guard's distinction as the only military unit permanently active in the Burgoignesc Metropol, Burgundie does maintain 15 permanent active military units of various strengths across its thalossocracy. This Legió estrangers (Eng. Foreign Legion) number 57,936 soldiers and officers and make up the Rapid Response Corps of the Army of Burgundie.

Name Strength Headquarters Mission(s)
XIV Foreign Infantry Regiment 5,048


Fort LaRemie, Nova Levantia Amphibious Assault

Coastal Defense

I Foreign Engineer Regiment 2,684


TBD Amphibious Assault

Coastal Defense

VII Foreign Engineer Regiment 3,316


TBD Amphibious Assault

Coastal Defense

Flordeterran Imperial Camel Constablary 3,386


Garnisoenhuis, Monsunboch, Flordeterra Light Armor

Armored Reconnaisance

Cronan Alpine Constablary 5,374


Fort Hauptburg, Hohenseen, Flordeterra Alpine Infantry
Kandaran Mounted Scouts 3,757


Joint Base Meriammajori, Levantine Ocean Command


Mechanized Infantry
Puhkgundian Gorkha Rifles 8,594


Naval and Air Station Sudmoll

Joint KATI Base Sudmoll, Sudmoll

Airborne Light Infantry

Assault Pioneers

Kantotan Levies 2,167


Joint Base Cin Vhetin/Novilla, Novilla Heavy Infantry
Christensen's Own Horse Artillery 3,548


Joint Base Cin Vhetin/Novilla, Novilla Amphibious Assault

Marine Infantry

Frederick Wilhelm Guide Sipahis 4,576


TBD, Port de Vent Light Armor

Armored Reconnaisance

KilPatrick Rangers 2,635


TBD, Wintergen Paratroopers
Fianna Tuath 2,548


Fort Fearann ​na Treubh, Flordeterra Heavy Infantry
Raulie Bushrangers 4,584


Joint Base Davidus, Latin Command, Pumbria Heavy Infantry
Punthite Cacaires 2,473


Fort Occident, Ayermer Light Armor
Umardi Askaris 3,246


Fort Safasi, Umardwal Airborne Light Infantry
TOTAL 57,936 N/A N/A

Navy of Burgundie

Main article: Navy of Burgundie

Royal Air Service

Main article: Royal Air Service of Burgundie

Type County Class Role Date Status Total
Airbus A400M Atlas Spain Propeller Transport 2014 10 10
Boeing E-3F Sentry USA Jet Patrol 1980 4 4
Boeing C-135FR USA Jet Utility 1964 14 14
CASA/IPTN CN-235 Spain Propeller Transport 2012 27 27
Dassault Falcon 7X France Jet Transport 2 2
Dassault Falcon 900 France Jet Transport 2 2
Dassault Mirage 2000 B/C France Jet Trainer/fighter 1983 22 154
Dassault Mirage 2000-5 France Jet Trainer/fighter 2000 26 37
Dassault Mirage 2000N/2000D France Jet Fighter-bomber 1988 84 161
Dassault Rafale B/C France Jet Trainer/multi-role 2006 108 108
Falcon 2000 France Jet Transport 2 2
General Atomics MQ-9 Reaper USA UAV Patrol 3 3
Lockheed C-130 Hercules USA Propeller Transport 14 14

Defense Intelligence

There is no public record of a military intelligence service in Burgundie, but conspiracy theorists have pointed to the over-funded Department of Ornithology as a likely cover for such an operation.

Department of Defense Wide Joint Activities

The Department of Defense-Wide Joint Activities (DoDwJA) is the newest branch of the Burgoignesc Security Forces that oversees and mediate issues that span multiple branches, namely: logistics, services, contracting, strategic planning and development, R&D, and international commitments (like the LUDC).

It overseas the navy's Sealift Command, the Air Service's Airlift Command, and the Army's Transportation Command which overseas federal highways and rail networks. It coordinates all requests for movement of personnel, materiel, and goods to ensure the utmost efficiency of movement.

It also took over administration of non-combat assets previously administered by the Air Services Naval Services Corps making it one of the largest hospitality entities in world. It also provides the framework of non-proprietary fights that constantly connect the Burgoignesc Metropole to its disparate global footprint, through Thatalocraccy Express Airlines. The airline is just a contract mechanism that is then divvied out to successful bidders to provide a small portion of their airfleet, pilot and mechanical cadre to support the airline but in so doing, join as members of the Airlift Command Ready Reserve who cana be mobilized in times of National Emergency.

DoDwJA also contains the Expeditionary Initial Airfield Resources Program (ExInAir) which is basically the 21st SeaBees, to rapidly establish airfields for use by Airlift Command to supply cbst operations all over the world.

DoDwJA additionally had the Expeditionary Initial Port Facilities Program (ExInPort) to rapidly establish/reconstitute ports for use by Sealift Command to supply combat operations all over the world.

DoDwJA maintains "ready to deploy" and "forward deployed" stockpiles of essential warfighting supplies in order to reduce delivery times for critical combat necessities and also why the Burgoignesc Security Forces maintaon a minimum of 60/40 reserve to active ration on all systems/supplies. Conspiracy theorists have concluded that there is not a single square meter of land that is more than 2000km from a DoDwJA stockpile. When pressed during a press conference a spokesperson laughed this off as impossibly expensive to maintain, but took no further questions as they were due in parliament for budget negotiations.

Ministry of Trade

Entity 2028 Budget request Percentage of Total Notes
Revenue Guard $12.826 billion 53%

Revenue Guard

Main Article: Revenue Guard

Established in 1148, the Revenue Guard is an Burgoignesc law enforcement agency under the authority of the Minister of Economy and Finance. The Revenue Guard are a Military Police, but not part of Ministry of National Security and Safety. It is responsible for dealing with financial crime and smuggling; it has also evolved into Burgundie's primary agency for suppressing the drugs trade. As a military corps, it maintains over 600 boats and ships and more than 100 aircraft to serve in its mission of patrolling Burgundie's territorial waters.

The Revenue Guard also maintains a number of specialized units:

  • International Waters Fast Action Team- also known as Dolphin Team Whiskey, or Delta Tango Whiskey, this team has special dispensation from the League of Nations with limited legal powers in international powers, primarily search and rescue missions but of note they have the "powers to maintain a safe working environment, by the means deemed vernacularly appropriate by the team leader". In the events resulting in the loss of life, the team is required to brief the League of Nations Security Council.
  • Fire Brigade of Burgundie- the brigade des engenheuer-pombeuers Burgundie (BEPB), (Eng: Fire Brigade of Burgundie) is a militarized firefighting unit of the Revenue Guard. It oversees all multi-jurisdictional firefighting activity in Burgundie.
  • Penal Service Department- administers all of the batalhons penaux (Eng. penal battalions) across the various overseas territories of Burgundie.
  • Imperial Revenue Guard- a hold over from the days of the Holy Levantine Empire, the Vectigal Praesidio Imperium (Eng. Imperial Revenue Guard) conduct the business of the Revenue Guard in Burgoignesc Dericania.
  • Burgoignesc Maritime Navigation Administration- maintains the infrastructure, collects and disseminates the data relevant to maritime navigation in and around Burgundie. The Administration is unique in that its purvue includes Faneria and in some cases also works in seamless tandem with the Kiravian Northern Lights Authority.

Interior Ministry, Security Services Bureau

Constabularie nacional

Main article: National Constabulary of Burgundie

National Police (France) esp. Compagnies Républicaines de Sécurité WIP

Gendarmerie nacional

Flag of the National Gendarmerie of Burgundie

Main article: National Gendarmerie of Burgundie

The National Gendarmerie (Burg Gendarmerie nacional) is one of two national police forces of Burgundie, along with the National Constabulary of Burgundie. It is a branch of the Burgoignesc Security Forces placed under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of the Interior— with additional duties to the Ministry of Civil Defense Security. Its area of responsibility includes smaller towns, rural and suburban areas, while the National Constabulary of Burgundie—a civilian force—is in charge of cities and downtowns. Due to its military status, the Gendarmerie also fulfills a range of military and defense missions. The Gendarmes also have a cybercrime division. It has a strength of more than 215,000 personnel as of 2028.

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