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Foreign Relations for the country of Burgundie.

Current Diplomatic Posture

Burgundie sustains positive diplomatic relations with all nations, with embassies all over Ixnay. Burgundie prefers diplomatic solutions to military ones and its Ministry of Foreign Affairs is highly professional and dedicated to maintaining peace and trade revenue.

Current Trade Posture

Burgundie maintains markets across Ixnay. Burgundie's trade islands are vital to the global reach and approach that the economy relies on. These disparate islands are heavily industrialized trade ports and warehousing spaces that help not only the merchant marine of Burgundie but serve as stopover points in many nations trading routes.

Current Military Posture

Burgundie is currently involved in the Second Bulkhan War. Burgundie is a leading member of KATI, its Strategic Levantine Command, and maintains non-aggression and mutual defense alliances with a number of states.

Relations by Continent


Nation State of Affairs Embassy in Vilauristre? Visa Privileges Notes
No flag.svg TBD – TBD Neutral Yes Yes N/A


Nation State of Affairs Embassy in Vilauristre? Visa Privileges Notes
Cronzcovina Flag.jpg Cronzcovina – Grand Authoritarian Republic of Cronzcovina Allied Yes Yes N/A
HelvianirRhodennirHeraldFlag.png Helvianir and Rhodennir – United Kingdom of Helvianir and Rhodennir Neutral Yes Yes N/A
Pauldustllahs flag.png Pauldustllah – Imperial Kingdom of Pauldustllah Allied Yes Yes N/A

Ixnay Proper

Nation State of Affairs Embassy in Vilauristre? Visa Privileges Notes
HekuFlagNew.png Caphiria – Imperium of Caphiria Strained Yes Yes As the cold war starts to heat up, relations are deteriorating.
ShitFlag1.jpg Corumm – Republic of Corumm Neutral Yes Yes N/A
Flag of Insui.png Insui – United States of Insui Allied Yes Yes N/A
22px Monteangelo – Monteangelo of Monteangelo... Allied Yes Yes N/A
Palmflag (1).png Palmeria – The Federal Republic of Palmeria Neutral Yes Yes Strains over the communist rule of Palmeria have been assuaged somewhat by the 2031 Community Cup.
RecSocialRep.jpg Reçêpistan – Federated Republics of Salep & Lezaria Neutral Yes Yes N/A


Nation State of Affairs Embassy in Vilauristre? Visa Privileges Notes
KiravianFlag.png Kiravia – Kiravian Federacy Allied Yes Yes Sovereignty dispute over the Isle of Wintergen


Nation State of Affairs Embassy in Kongerhus? Visa Privileges Notes
5nQUTA8.png Kistan – Meritocracy of Kistan Allied Yes Yes N/A
Kuhlfros-Flag.png Kuhlfros – Aonthaithe Republic of Kuhlfros Allied Yes Yes N/A
UrceaRepublic.png Urcea – Federal Republic of Urcea Allied Yes Yes N/A


Nation State of Affairs Embassy in Kongerhus? Visa Privileges Notes
Battganuur Flag.png Battganuur – Emirate of Battganuur Allied Yes Yes N/A
Bulkh Flag.png Bulkh – Republic of Bulkh Allied Yes Yes N/A
Bulkh People's Republic Flag.png Bulkh People's Republic – Bulkh People's Republic Strained Yes Yes Communist nation, not friendly to Burgundie
Central Kandaran Republic Flag.png Central Kandaran Republic – Central Kandaran Republic Strained Yes Yes Not friendly to Burgundie
Flag of Ceylonia.png Ceylonia – Ceylon Republic Neutral Yes Yes N/A
Chaukhira Flag.png Chaukhira – Glorious Republic of Chaukhira Neutral Yes Yes N/A
Danehong Flag.png Danehong – Democratic People's Republic of Danehong Strained Yes Yes Communist nation, not friendly to Burgundie
Dhavastu Flag.png Dhavastu – Kingdom of Dhavastu Allied Yes Yes N/A
Flag of DRG.png Galicia – Democratic Republic of Galicia Neutral Yes Yes N/A
Jalqolak Flag.png Jalqolak – Republic of Jalqolak Allied Yes Yes N/A
Kagazi Flag.png Kagazi – Kingdom of Kagazi Allied Yes Yes N/A
Kandara Flag.png Kandara – Sovereign and Independent People's Republic of Kandhera Strained Yes Yes N/A
Kantoto Flag.png Kantoto – Empire of Kantoto Allied Yes Yes N/A
Kharan-dun Flag.png Kharan-dun – Kharan-dun Khanate Allied Yes Yes N/A
Khatosthan Flag.png Khatosthan – Khanate of Khatosthan Allied Yes Yes N/A
Khyarvi Flag.png Khyarvi – Divine Islamic Republic of Khyarvi Allied Yes Yes N/A
Kulaparkar Flag.png Kulaparkar – Republic of Kulaparkar Allied Yes Yes N/A
Mutsutori Flag.png Mutsutori – Shogunate of Mutsutori Allied Yes Yes N/A
Peshabiwar Flag.png Peshabiwar – Confederated States of Peshabiwar Allied Yes Yes N/A
Piriyadhar Flag.png Piriyadhar – Piriyadhari Republic of the Commonwealth States Allied Yes Yes N/A
Pukhgundi Flag.png Pukhgundi – Republic of Pukhgundi Allied Yes Yes N/A
Pukhgundi Flag.png Pursat – Hindi Republic of Pursat Neutral Yes Yes N/A
Shanjin Flag.png Shanjin – Grand Shanjin Republic of the People's Electorate Strained Yes Yes
Shingtu Flag.png Shingtu – Democratic People's Republic of Xingtzu Strained Yes Yes
Tapakdore Flag.png Tapakdore – Queendom of Tapakdore Neutral Yes Yes N/A
Umardwal Flag.png Umardwal – Islamic Republic of Umardwal Allied Yes Yes N/A
Flag of Vespia.svg Varshan – Godrealm of Varshan, the Empire of Tears At war Yes Yes N/A
Wonjin Flag.png Wonjin – Illustrious Principality of Wonjin Strained Yes Yes
Xingkai'pei Flag.png Xingkai'pei – Xingkaipese Union Strained Yes Yes

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