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The Sinitalians are the dominant ethnic group of the north eastern reaches of the Kingdom of Dericania. A racially and culturally mixed people of Latinic-Levzeish origin and possess substantial ancestry from many raiding and colonial cultures as they made their way along the Levantine Ocean. Worldwide, over 5 million people are of Sinitalian descent; of these, approximately 95% are residents of various states in the Kingdom of Dericania.

Total population
Regions with significant populations
Pumbria 1,056,456
Esquinia 568,975
Drusla 65,896
Vanessia 57,896
Baylium 127,000
Davimeron 100,000
Sinitalian, English
Levantine Catholic Church

In 2026, following the Dericania Crisis, 3 of the 6 "Sintalian provinces" elected to join the Great Principality of Burgundie as directly ruled provinces over fears that any locally ruled nation, like Latinia was clearly unable to rule effectively and the reach of Urcea was monolithic. Burgundie offered a more decentralized format of governance, allowing local rule to be the strongest and holding Drusla, Esquinia, and Pumbria in dominion.

  • A Sinitalian man

  • The famous Sinitalian crusader St. Don Cordini de Basci

  • The Sinitalian painter Miccolo DeBrizzi

  • The stunning Contessina d'Esquinia