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Bailiwick of Burgundie
Trade Island
Flag of the Bailiwick of Sudmoll
Etymology: South Dock
CountryBurgundie flag.png Burgundie
Capital CitySudmoll
 • Total310.799 km2 (120.000 sq mi)
 • Total18,510
 • Density60/km2 (150/sq mi)

Following its colonization, a portion of the southern part of the island was used as a penal colony, Devil's Cove. In 1936 the need for a penal colony fell as the Burgundian people embraced "transformative justice". The facility lay in ruins until 2011 when KATI was looking for a secret military prison. Devil's Cove Detention Center, was resurrected and turned into a military prison. As part of the deal, each country was granted a wing as well as "sovereign discretion", a policy allowing each member nation to conduct activities in their respective wing without inquiry by the Burgundian government.