Burgundian South Levantine Trading Company

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Burgundian South Levantine Trading Company (BNLTC)
IndustryInternational trade
Founded13 February 1580
HeadquartersBekshavn, Burgundie

Following the Catholic victory in the Great Confessional War and flush with their new formal assimilation into the Imperial system the Burgundians looked to reestablish their maritime prowess. Kuhlfrosi and Kiravian merchants had no intention of letting the upstart duchy claim any of their hard earned maritime trade routes and refused to finance the trade expeditions. Instead Jarl I turned to the long time allies of the Burgundians, Kistan. Kistan supplied a large one time fee, but fearing reprisals from Kuhlfros declined any further aid. With this capital, Jarl I ordered the establishment of the Burgundian North Levantine Trading Company (BNLC). This was followed by the establishment of the South Levantine Company whose purview was trade in Dericania, Urcea, the countries of Southern Levantia and the northern coast of Ixnay, particularly the rich ports of Hekuvia. With the establishment of these Trade Companies, the merchants and noble investors in Burgundie became incredibly rich, but the precedent was set the the government had no direct control over the activities of the companies.

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